For many children and teenagers who are unwell, it’s the same story; the obvious treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions don’t work, medication doesn’t help and while you aren’t getting better, the best years of your life are passing you by.

Young people can become trapped in a vicious cycle of ill health that is notoriously hard to break. But there is hope.

Things can change for the better.

Hi, I’m Steve Fawdry.

I am a experienced therapist and health coach, and I am passionate about changing the story for children, teenagers and young adults with chronic illness.

In just a few months, I can get young people back to doing more of what they love – leading a full and active life, going out with friends and family, and succeeding in their studies and at work.

To learn more about our groundbreaking treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (teenage fatigue syndrome) and many other conditions, book a discovery call today and take the first step on the path to recovery.

What we do gets results – and quickly.

See our Success stories page for more uplifting stories of young people whose lives have been transformed by Steve.

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The Department of Health recommends that GPs refer patients to Practitioners registered with the CNHC when seeking complementary therapy.

GP and Practice Team Bulletin October 2010 Complementary healthcare regulation.

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